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Adoption in New York

Adoption in New York Adopting a child is a fantastic decision, one that will positively affect you and your child for the rest of your lives. If you live in New York and want to begin the adoption process, keep in mind that it is a multi-step endeavor. However, the results make it very worth it. Below we discuss the ways you can adopt a child in New York and the steps that are involved. Two Routes to Take There are two routes you can take when deciding to adopt a child. You can choose to utilize an agency for adoption services, who will help match you with a child and assist throughout the entire process. Another way of pursuing adoption is to adopt a

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6 Tips to Reduce Divorce Stress for Your Kids

Divorce is a stressful process for everyone involved, and while it’s focused on the separation of two adults, many times the children are left to deal with the unintended side effects. It’s imperative as a parent who is going through a divorce that you keep these tips in mind to help ease your child’s transition into a new way of life.

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Litigation vs. Mediation in Divorce

A nearly universal assumption in our society is that when a couple divorces, they are required to go to court. After all, this has traditionally been the case. Now couples who are contemplating divorce have different options about how to proceed. One of the most popular—and effective—is mediation.

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